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  Blind Girl Now Studying
Name : Ms. Hastu/ Jairam
Age : 6 years
Name of the village : Boi
Status  : Studying under Integrated Education

Ms. Hastu is a resident of the Bhoi village and is six years old. Her family falls into the BPL category. At the age of three she lost her eyesight totally and was proven to be permanently blind by Venu Institute. The initiative of medical rehabilitation was however taken by Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor (MMBA).
For this same purpose, her family underwent counseling for social rehabilitation. Soon she got her confirmed disability certificate. After the social rehabilitation, her family began to accept her the way she was and so did the society when other children of the village started to play with her.

Ms. Hastu has two elder brothers who go to school to study. Efforts for her education are going on by teaching her ‘Braille’-integrated education. Her father is the only bread earner in her family and hence finds it difficult to run the family. Ms. Hastu even has problems doing her day- to- day activities. Although she plays with her brothers and other children, she depends on her mother for other activities. Nevertheless, her innocence and braveness gave us an inner strength that she would be able to take care of herself, as she grows a little older.
At present she is studying under Integrated Education run by the organization with the support of Sight Savers International.

Here is the story of a young girl whose future is something that has to build her and her confidence level that will help her make efforts to reach her future goals.