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  Blind Since Birth See World
Name of the Client : Arbab Khan & Shakoor Khan
Father’s name : Allah Baksh Khan
Age : 13 & 11 years respectively
Caste : Muslim
Village : Nimbla Nada (Nagarda), Sheo Block,
District : Barmer

This is the case study of two young children of same parents, who did not see the world even at the time they came on earth. Arbab Khan & Shakoor Khan has 3 elder brothers and one younger and one elder sister, father and mother in the family.

Their parents are poor and illiterate depending on agriculture. When they got two sons continuously with visual impairment, they were highly disappointed and considered it as the wish of God. When the children grew some elder, their father Mr. Allah Baksh came to government with the hope that the doctor can cure his sons and the children may regain the sight. Unfortunately, the ophthalmologist declares the children as Totally Blind and issued the certificate of blindness. He was more disappointed and left all the expectations of sight of his children.

During the baseline survey of the programme “Comprehensive Eye Services”,  field worker of Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor came to contact with this family and came to know the problem.

When MMBA introduced Integrated Education programme, in Shro block, Arbab Khan and Shakoor Khan were admitted in regular school of their village. Their family member showed less interest in their studies, because they always have to move with others help. But their father is very much interested in his development and whenever our field worker, I.E. Teacher or the Project Supervisor pays a visit to his house, he use to enquire about the possibility of vision for his sons. Though initially we could not promise anything to this family, we assured by letting him know if any special camp is organized.

The children were brought to special camp (especially children studying under I.E. Programme), Dr. Sunita examined them thoroughly and gave surprising news for their family that if they are operated in time their vision may improve and they can move and read independently without any one’s assistance. On hearing this news their family member’s became so happy and they promised us to cooperate in our efforts and we made all the efforts to prepare their family members for operation at VENU, New Delhi.

We made one thing clear that though the children belong to poor family there should be some contribution towards their lifetime opportunity and we don’t want to give anything at free of cost and dependant on us. We talked to their family members and villagers about their contribution. We convinced them to bear the attendants expenses. His father was very understanding and cooperative and said to our staff that he can arrange for his own expenses.
Thus the children were operated at VENU Eye Hospital New Delhi and got the vision.

At this time they are living a normal life as the other people live. Their parents are very happy and appreciating the heavenly work done by MMBA for them.