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“I Got a New Life”

Suraj Kanwar/ Late Sri Bharey Singh is 65 years old lady residing in Bijawal Tahsil. She is widow and belongs to Rajpoot community. She is living in abject poverty and depends upon Village financial help.
Suraj Kanwar belongs to very poor economic background.  She is living alone in family because there is no member in her family her daughter got married. She is not able to earn money. One year before her eye operated but day by day her sight becoming low, she was literally blind because of well-developed cataract in right eye.  She was facing problems in seeing with her left eye due to low vision as well as in doing personal routine work such as bath, washcloths and walking etc. Her life condition was as beggar and she was depends on village financial assistance, there is no source of income. 

By counseling and frequent visits motivated the beneficiary for operation.  There was three of visit made for convincing to her.  During frequent visits village Sarpanch, also counseled to her.  As there is no satisfactory support from the neighbors it has taken the lot of efforts in conveying the neighbors.  After the hard efforts project team & Co-coordinator counseled & confident for her eye operation, finally her neighbor bought Suraj Kanwar to hospital for the operation. We did our best to take him to hospital by jeep with other selected clients in that camp was brought to NJ hospital and successfully operated.

Even before organizing community-screening camp, our field workers were convincing him to undergo cataract operation. Because of her superstitious belief, poor economic condition, no source of income, old age was our challenging work. Her neighbor was not cooperating with our field workers. But when community screening was organized in her village, obviously it is very tough job but the staff successful achievement on it.

Despite her superstitious belief, poor economic condition, no source of income, old age was factor, MMBA was able to bring SuraJ Kanwar to NJH hospital and she was successfully operated. Today, Suraj Kanwar leads an independent life, able to move freely and working alone her household cores. “Mahney to Nayo Janam Milpo” it mean I get new life.

She is very happy that her vision is recovered. She said, now she can care her self and one promising statement he made is now she will convinced to people for cataract operation, because she got a new life .