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  Improved Vision Brings Independence

Deep singh Jadeja/ Late Parag Singh is 77 years old and residing in Village Nimbala. This family belongs to Rajpoot Community and he has no relatives, neglected by the community and living alone. His condition is Very poor because he living in rough mud house and depends on just Rs. 200 monthly in the form of pension which is the only source of income.
Before intervention of MMBA, Deep singh Jadeja was low Vision in R/E because of well-developed cataract and his L/E also suffering from it.  He was unable to prepare food, washing cloths & utensils and depends on other people. His life is really very difficult to Survive. Due to poor sight he discharged excreta (yellow & mallow) in his cloths. So the people not come closed to him, and he was very depressed for his critical situation and now he was looking someone who have to guide & help him .

When Deep singh Jadeja was identified as matured cataract client, our field worker constantly visited his house. And counseled & make him confident for his eye operation. Our CES field staff went at least four times to convince him cataract operation. But he was not cooperating to us for cataract operation because he doesn’t want to lose his eyesight. But we have counseled him and give some example, by showing other successfully cataract operation clients in his village; our staff prepared him for cataract operation by our constant effort, Deeps singh Jadeja was successfully operated at Netra Jyothi Hospital .
In our Shiv cluster, Nimabla is challenging area, both in geographical and in practice of century old social customs such as superstition, myths, misconception false about the eye diseases. Once up on a day we met Deep Ram Jadeja, he was superstitious and his loosing confident, becoming the bearer for operation Earlier he was not ready for eye operation We listen the Voice of client carefully and explain our comprehensive program to clear all myth & misconception about operation. Most of the villagers in these clusters reside only in their agricultural land and because of this one can find house to house with long distance. It means our field workers are supposed to walk in a scorching sunlight in peak hot weather temperature up to 46 degree Celsius. But our staff counseled & prepared him, after that we screened in our camp and then referred to NJH Barmer and successful Eye operated.

He is very happy that his vision is recovered. He said, now he can take care himself One promising statement he made is now he will work as a motivator in his own village and convince others for cataract operation, he was very happy with the effort of MMBA.