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  Motivation and Training Normalize Life

Tejmal Singh s/o Teal Singh, 25 years old is residing in the village sajitada of Shiv block in district Barmer. He belongs to Rajput community. He has four brother and joint family. He is totally blind. His parents consulted many ophthalmologists at various cases, but he could not be cured.

Economic condition of the family is normal. As he has joint family, his brothers and other members of family do agricultural work.

When field staff of MMBA met Tejmal Singh during baseline survey, they found that Tejmal Singh is simply sitting at home. His family members had to take care of him. He was not able to do his daily living activities independently. He was not able to go nearly houses without any body’s help. He was disappointed with this life. Moreover, he was hesitating to go out of the house, as people were making joke of him. He was totally cut off from the mainstream of the society.

Our field staffs conduct meetings with the people of the village and counseled his parents and Tejmal Singh himself. He was motivated and trained for orientation & mobility and to do activities of daily living independently. Now, he is doing not only his own work but he is helping his family to do household work. He is fetching water from Tanka (ground level storage structure) and taking care of the children and when other members of the family are engage in agricultural and other activities.
The field staff of Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor motivated Tejmal Singh and his family for medical certificate and other certificates. He and his family were not interested to make certificates but after lot of efforts he was agreed for the same. He was brought to Barmer and he was issued medical certificate, bus pass and rail pass. He was trained on use of blind stick and to identify the currency. He was also made aware of his rights and he has equal social status in the society. The people of the village were also motivated for the same.

At present, Tejmal Singh is participating in the decision making in the family, social functions in the village and the other public occasions in the society and in the village. He is living a happy and satisfied life.