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  Out of Dejection, Finally

Forty years old Meherdeen, son of Amir Khan, is a resident of Suvala village under Balasar panchayat in Jaisalmer district and is fully blind. He lost his vision during an operation of a brain cyst when he was 30. He was married before this operation and has three sons and one daughter.

When the staff of the organisation met Meherdeen for the first time, he was totally dejected and was living the life as a burden. He did not venture out of his house and the family was making their livelihood through labour work under difficult circumstances. Their economic condition was very bad.

MMBA workers motivated him and provided training to perform the daily activities. This made him venture out of his house and he started doing his daily activities without anybody's help. Afterwards he was made to recognise currency notes and coins. MMBA extended a financial help of Rs 10,000 to Meherdeen, through which he started a grocery shop.

Meherdeen says that his life has totally changed and he can live a respectable life.