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  Rehabilitation Leads to Independent Living

Tara Ram s/o Mahendra Ram, 35 years old is residing in the village Utraba of Gram Panchayat Shahdad ka par in Sheo Block of District Barmer. He lost his vision at the age of 4 years following small chicken. His parents are illiterate and belong to Meghwal community, which has low social status in the society. They practiced the traditional methods to cure his eyesight but in vain and ultimately he lost his eye sight and present he totally blind.

During the baseline survey under Comprehensive Eye Services (CES) project, our field staff met Tara Ram and his family. The worker found that he simply sits at home and totally disappointed. He was not able to do his daily living activities properly and was not able to go in the village independently. Even he was not aware of the blind stick and its use. He was socially discriminated.  Not only villagers, but his family members do not considered his importance in the decision making.

When our worker met him and counseled him and his family and conducted meetings with the villagers, some changes started to be seen. He was encouraged that he could also do all the things, which a normal person does. He was learnt to put on and keep cloths properly, washing his clothes himself and identification of the currency. Our worker introduced him with the public places in the village such as school, Aganwadi center, Sabha bhawan, Water point, Main streets and neighboring houses etc. He was making learnt to walk with the support of blind stick. He was called to Barmer and his medical certificate, Bus pass, Rail Pass etc. were issued. His person is in process to be issued.

At present he is socially rehabilitee and is specially provided in social functions and festivals. He is not depended on anybody for daily living activities and mobility. He is very happy and grateful to the organ that changes his life.