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  Showing the Way for Happy Life

Forty-four years old Teja Ram, son of Amba Ram, is residing in Baleba village of Aheo block in Barmer district.  He lost his vision in his childhood following small pox. Economic condition of his family was very bad and his mother and he were dependent on community people for their survival. He could not get married because of blindness.

When one of the MMBA staffers met him for the first time during baseline survey, he found that Teja Ram was very disappointed towards his life. MMBA staffers encouraged him and made him aware of his rights. He was trained for orientation and mobility and towards the activities of daily life. He was issued a medical certificate, bus pass and rail pass.

MMBA faced many difficulties during these activities. The main problem before the organisation was to prepare Teja Ram to do something for himself, as he was very much depressed and did not want to do anything. He was thinking that he was blind and unable to do anything. After lot of efforts, Teja Ram got ready to listen to the staffers, who prepared him to perform his own work without anybody's help.

He was interested to do chindi work (preparing rope from cloth pieces). He was provided the raw material for the same. Now he is preparing the ropes and selling them locally. Now he is not dependent on anyone for his daily activities. He also participates in the social functions and is living a happy life. He is grateful to MMBA which has shown him the way to live a happy life.