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The word 'dalit' literally means poor and oppressed people. But it has acquired a new cultural context, which implies, 'those who have been broken down by those above them in a deliberate, systematic and active way'. The term basically refers to ex-untouchables and here it is confined to this interpretation.

In modern Rajasthan Dalits bear the brunt of a long broken legacy of the deepest social degradation. They usually are at the bottom of almost every parameter relating to economic well being or quality of life. The distinct burden that only they bear, among all underprivileged groups in Rajasthan, is the degradation of a centuries-old tradition of untouchability.

Dalits suffer from discrimination of centuries. Despite provisions in the Constitution, the society has denied them their rights.

Owing to feudalistic culture in Western Rajasthan, status of Dalits is extremely miserable. Ownership of dalits on common resources of society is negligible. Even also in government services they have to face the discriminations. Separate matka (pitcher) for drinking, separate line to stand and separate space for sitting indicates the perfect status of dalits in our community.

As far as dalit women are concerned their status is worst. On one side they have been exploited by the family members and on other hand they face the caste discrimination from society. Education and awareness level among dalits are very poor. Children of these families face the discrimination at school level. Non-dalit teacher’s behavior towards dalit children is also not motivational. It cause the number of dropouts from school and engage them as child labour. Violence against the dalit community is very common in feudalistic society and in most of the cases the police do not register even first information reports.

In these circumstances the organisation is working on the issue since over two decades.

Dalit Awareness Camps

MMBA regularly organises dalit awareness camps in residential area of dalits to make them aware and develop their understanding over the issues. Both male and female from dalit community participate in the camps. In these camps major issue and its related reasons are widely discussed such as untouchabilty, education, awareness, lack of information, lack of unity, and women atrocity. During the camps dalits are made aware and motivated to collectively struggle to avail their rights in society and contribute their devotional efforts in development activities and interventions.

Dalit Women Rights Campaign

Dalit women face nexus of patriarchy, caste, age-old social customs and traditions, class oppression, exploitation and, most of all, marginalisation in the family, community and nation.  MMBA is committed to the cause of protecting and promoting the rights of dalit women under the leadership. It strives to make the state accountable for its failure to prevent violence against dalit women and to take up advocacy at the state, national and international levels.

Dalit Federation

These have been formed at the village level. Ten to 15 people, including dalit women and youth, are members of this federation. Every month we conduct meetings with these federations and discuss the issues social discrimination, atrocity, land rights etc. Federation members come to the Dalit resource center for counseling and advice on need. Federation is working to raise voice on dalit rights at district level.

Dalit Resource Center

MMBA has opened Dalit Resource Center in Jaiselmer and Barmer districts of Rajasthan. Various advocacy and interventionists activities are carried out from these centres for enhancing the democratic participation of dalits and expansion of their public sphere.

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