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For the upliftment of the poor, deprived and marginalised communities, MMBA is making efforts through rights based approach by organising campaign and participating in human right campaign to support networking organisation at state and national level.

MMBA facilitates people to raise voice on child education through rallies, exhibitions and giving memorandum to district and state level officials.

Education as a Human Right

MMBA is trying to make the case that education is a human right for all children and that no one should be denied a free basic education. Various activities like children’s rallies and awareness programmes have been organised for this campaign. A large number of students, children, teachers and parents participated in the programmes. The vital issue of high drop out rate and marginalisation of children belonging to dalit, adivasi and minority communities also raise in the meetings. Problems related to child labour, girl education, quality education, school dropouts were the major subjects that were discussed at large.

Consumer Rights

The modern world is the world of global consumerism. Consumerism rules and dictates the trends of the world. More and more people get exploited as a consumer by different individuals or business organisations. The increasing trend in consumer exploitation makes it important to increase the awareness about consumers' rights and consumer’s laws, etc., to protect the best interest of all the consumers.

MMBA is working to make people aware on the concerns of World Trade Organisation policies and its major implications on farmers. An educated consumer is an aware consumer. MMBA is constantly striving to educate consumers about the rights of consumer education. Street shows, village level meetings, seminars, and signature campaign for framing the policies according to the Indian farmer situation. 

World Consumer Rights Day

MMBA observes World Consumer Day on March 15 every year to create awareness among people on consumer rights and to reduce the incidence of corruption, injustice and exploitation of consumers through enhancement of their knowledge on consumer rights.  Information related to consumer rights and their role is shared with the participants.